Hurtigruten Cruises: Exploring Norway

by Leonardo Rinaldi
hurtigruten cruises

Get ready for an amazing trip through Norway’s stunning views with Hurtigruten Cruises. Since 1893, this well-known company has been showing off the beautiful fjords, mountains, and Arctic sceneries in Norway. Want to see the Northern Lights or visit small islands? Hurtigruten makes it possible for you to experience something truly special.

Take a journey on Hurtigruten’s specially made ships and see the best of Norway’s coast. You’ll cover 2,500 nautical miles and stop at 34 different ports1. You will visit well-known cities like Bergen and see the hidden gems of the Arctic Circle. Each place offers a unique chance to see Norway’s culture and beauty up close.

The Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen cruise costs between $1,853 and $1,5751. You can also get up to 30% off the regular price1. This 12-day trip lets you spend time in each spot, from a few minutes to several hours1. You’ll also have the chance to join in on activities that match your interests1.

Hurtigruten’s real charm is in nature. From Northern Lights in winter to endless daylight in summer, you’re in for a treat. Plus, with the Solar Maximum in 2024-25, the Northern Lights will be even brighter than usual2.

This journey with Hurtigruten is more than just a trip. It’s a chance to truly know Norway. You’ll see its incredible landscapes, learn its history, and join its vibrant culture. Every day with Hurtigruten promises a new adventure and lasting memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Hurtigruten Cruises offers authentic expedition voyages along Norway’s stunning coastline since 1893.
  • Sail through breathtaking fjords, mountains, and Arctic wonders on custom-built ships.
  • Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights or experience the Midnight Sun’s perpetual daylight.
  • Explore a diverse range of ports, from iconic cities to remote coastal towns.
  • Enjoy up to 30% off regular prices and a variety of excursions and activities.

Experience the Magical Northern Lights

Hurtigruten Cruises is the best way to see the incredible3 northern lights. The Solar Maximum in 2024-25 will make the auroras more beautiful than ever.3 They are so sure you’ll see it, they promise a free trip if not.3

Northern Lights Promise

The Northern Lights Promise by Hurtigruten guarantees a view of the aurora borealis on cruises lasting over 11 days. They offer a free cruise to see the lights in the next season if you miss them.4

Best Time to Witness the Celestial Spectacle

After 2024-25, the next best time to see the northern lights will be in 2036, 11 years later.3 So, the years just ahead are a golden chance to witness this amazing show.3

Understanding the Science Behind the Auroras

The guides at Hurtigruten teach about the auroras’ magnetic fields and sunlight interactions.3 Learning this, you see the northern lights for what they are: a breathtaking natural event.

Embark on the Coastal Express

Hurtigruten’s famous Coastal Express voyage lasts 12 days. It travels along Norway’s scenic coast, covering 34 ports.5 You’ll see amazing fjords and mountains, cross the Arctic Circle twice, and enjoy the Midnight Sun in summer.5

Scenic Route with 34 Ports

This journey shows off Norway’s diverse beauty and charming towns. You can get off at various ports, including Bergen, Trondheim, and Bodø.5

These are all rich in history. It’s a great way to see the true heart of Norway.

Bask in Norway’s Fjords and Mountains

Don’t miss the chance to see Norway’s stunning fjords. The journey offers views of tall mountains, clear glaciers, and calm fjords. It’s a real treat for the eyes.5

Arctic Exploration and Midnight Sun

The path takes you over the Arctic Circle twice. This lets you explore the Arctic. In summer, you can see the Midnight Sun. It’s a natural wonder.5

Tailored Excursions and Activities

The Coastal Express has lots of activities you can choose from. You can join hikes, food tours, see wildlife, and learn about local culture. There’s something fun for everyone.5

norway coastal cruises

Discover Norway’s Highlights

Hurtigruten’s Coastal Express journey takes you to stunning places in Norway. In Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, you’ll see the UNESCO-listed Bryggen district. This area is famous for its colorful buildings and a community full of artisans.6

Ålesund is a port town known for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. It has unique buildings that make the city stand out. This style has led to it being called the alesund art nouveau capital.6

Trondheim, the former capital, has a lot of history to explore. Here, you’ll find the Nidaros Cathedral, known as “Norway’s Notre Dame.” Trondheim’s trondheim norway history and grand royal palaces are definitely worth a visit on the Coastal Express trip.6

Venture into the Arctic

The Coastal Express journey heads north, crossing the Arctic Circle. This move signals the start of an amazing Arctic adventure in Norway. It marks the place where beautiful natural scenes meet and the magic of the High North begins.

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Reaching the Arctic Circle is a big deal on the Coastal Express route. A special ceremony welcomes passengers to the Arctic region.7 The crew shares local traditions, kicking off memorable activities for everyone on the journey.

Bodø – Northern Norway’s Largest City

The Coastal Express also stops at Bodø, a key city in Northern Norway. It’s known for the Saltstraumen maelstrom, the world’s biggest tidal whirlpool.7 This natural wonder is a breathtaking show of nature’s force, leaving all viewers in awe.

Lofoten Islands – Fishing Villages and Landscapes

The adventure continues to the stunning Lofoten archipelago. Here, you’ll find stunning landscapes, charming fishing villages, and rorbuers, traditional homes for fishermen.7 Visitors get to know local life, explore the rough lands, and learn about the area’s deep sea history.

Heading further north, the journey brings experiences from the Arctic Circle, Bodø, and the Lofoten Islands. It’s truly a trip to remember, diving into Norway’s magical Arctic beauty.

Arctic Circle Cruises

Tromsø – Capital of the Arctic

On the Coastal Express, when you get to Tromsø, you’ll see why it’s known as the ‘Capital of the Arctic’.8 This place is packed with culture and beautiful nature. It’s a doorway to the Arctic’s wonders. Hurtigruten’s cruises let you dive into Tromsø’s must-sees, like the Arctic Cathedral and Polaria.

Being in the Arctic Circle, Tromsø has been a key spot for Arctic exploration for years.8 The city’s past is all over, from its buildings to its museums. It’s also lively with art and food, giving a taste of Arctic living.

Tromso Norway Arctic Exploration

Outside Tromsø, the Arctic’s stunning landscapes wait for your discovery.8 Imagine hiking in wild places or kayaking in crystal-clear waters. Hurtigruten’s trips are your ticket to the Arctic’s heart.

Tromsø is a gem, with its amazing nature, solid history, and alive culture. Visiting this Arctic city will stay with you forever.8 And as you move along on the Coastal Express, the urge to see more of the Arctic just grows.

Norway’s Northern Frontier

The Coastal Express journey heads north to Norway’s edge. It stops at Honningsvåg, launching point for the North Cape, Europe’s northern tip. This fishing village, found by the Barents Sea, shows how people and nature live strong in the Arctic.1

Honningsvåg – Gateway to the North Cape

From Honningsvåg, you can visit the North Cape. Here, you stand at Europe’s edge, feeling the vast Arctic around you. An iconic globe marks this spot, reminding you of both remoteness and oneness with the earth.1

Exploring the Svalbard Archipelago

The Coastal Express also takes you to Svalbard. Here, stunning glaciers, calm fjords, and unique wildlife fill the landscape. Polar bears, reindeer, and many seabirds call this place home.1 It’s a rugged part of Norway, inviting you to discover its wild, untouched face.1

north cape norway

Whether it’s reaching Europe’s northern tip or seeing the Arctic’s intense beauty, the Coastal Express voyage is full of memorable moments. It changes how you see Norway’s wild north, etching its mark on your memory.1

hurtigruten cruises – The Original Coastal Voyage

Hurtigruten Cruises started sailing the Norwegian coast in 1893. They have built a strong bond with the local communities along their route. Their ships offer a real Norwegian experience. This includes local foods, fun on-board activities, and guided tours of the land’s culture and nature.19

Sailing Tradition Since 1893

For more than 130 years, Hurtigruten has been running the Original Coastal Voyage. It’s a must-see trip through Norway’s beautiful fjords, fishing villages, and Arctic areas. This 12-day journey covers 2,500 nautical miles, stopping at 34 unique ports. Travelers get to see everything from Arctic cities to small fishing towns. On average, they visit 6 ports a day.109

Connecting Local Communities

Hurtigruten’s ships visit 34 coastal spots on both their north and southbound routes. They stop at each village for a quick visit and spend a few hours in the cities. This lets guests experience daily life in these places. The journey includes staying twice at each of the 34 ports but provides different times for visits.1

Authentic Norwegian Experience

The Coastal Express by Hurtigruten is all about experiencing real Norwegian life. They focus on serving local foods, and offering activities and tours. These activities highlight the country’s deep cultural roots and stunning nature. Guests get to do things like visit the impressive Nidaros Cathedral and explore the Svolvær fisherman’s huts. The trip is designed to be both engaging and memorable.1

hurtigruten cruises history

Arctic Adventures Beyond Norway

Hurtigruten Cruises takes you on a journey beyond Norway’s famous coastline. You’ll explore the Arctic in thrilling ways, learning from its cultures and seeing its natural beauty. These adventures help you understand the High North’s remote yet stunning places.

The Spitsbergen Adventurer

The Spitsbergen Adventurer leads you to the heart of the Arctic through the Svalbard archipelago. You’ll see grand glaciers, fjords, and amazing wildlife.11 The Solar Maximum in 2024-25 means you might see the Northern Lights at their finest in over a decade. This makes your Arctic journey even more magical.11

Arctic Umiaq Line

Embark on the Arctic Umiaq Line for a special connection with Arctic life. This voyage lets you experience how Greenland’s local community lives. You’ll learn about ancient traditions, from hunting to Inuit culture.12 The trip shows off Greenland’s beauty, including fjords, glaciers, and far-off villages, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

Greenland and Svalbard Explorations

Hurtigruten Cruises goes further to explore Svalbard and Greenland. These dedicated journeys show you the Arctic’s most stunning spots.11 You can experience unique cultures, spot wildlife, and join exciting activities, making memories that stick with you forever.

arctic adventures

Enjoy the rugged Svalbard, rich Greenlandic life, or the High North’s wilds with Hurtigruten. These Arctic trips offer a more meaningful experience than a standard cruise. They aim to deepen your understanding and admiration for the Arctic and its strong people.


Hurtigruten Cruises is a chance to explore the breathtaking beauty and deep culture of Norway. You’ll see this along iconic coastlines and in the far-off Arctic.13 They use a fleet of eight small, special-built ships, even having the first hybrid-powered ones. They sail to over 250 places, across 40 countries.13

Imagine seeing the incredible Northern Lights and visiting quaint coastal towns. You can also go to the wild Svalbard islands. Hurtigruten’s trips let you truly feel and understand this amazing nation.13 They have onboard scientists and special cabins for science. This supports research and learning during the journey.13

Helping the planet is crucial for Hurtigruten Cruises. They aim to reach carbon net zero by 2040. Plus, they are working to get an ISO14001 certification.13 The company helps make good rules for Arctic travel. They do this by working with groups like AECO and IAATO. These steps show their care for the Earth.13


What makes Hurtigruten Cruises unique?

Hurtigruten Cruises take you on real expedition voyages. You explore Norway’s coast, seeing its fjords, mountains, and Arctic magic. It’s a real adventure.

When is the best time to witness the Northern Lights on a Hurtigruten cruise?

The Northern Lights will shine brighter with the Solar Maximum in 2024-25. Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Promise means you’re sure to see them.

What is the Coastal Express itinerary like?

The Coastal Express route lasts 12 days. It shows off 34 ports, Norway’s fjords, and mountains. You’ll even cross the Arctic Circle and see the Midnight Sun.

What are some of the highlights along the Coastal Express route?

This voyage lets you see Bergen, Ålesund, and Trondheim. Explore their UNESCO sites, beautiful architecture, and the Nidaros Cathedral. They’re unique stops on your journey.

What can guests expect when they venture into the Arctic on a Hurtigruten cruise?

Going north, the cruise reaches the Arctic Circle. You can see the Saltstraumen maelstrom, the Lofoten islands, and Tromsø. It’s a chance to experience true Arctic beauty.

What other Arctic adventures does Hurtigruten Cruises offer?

Apart from the Coastal Express, there are more Arctic trips. Choose from the Spitsbergen Adventurer and the Arctic Umiaq Line. They give unique views of the Arctic.

What is the history and tradition behind Hurtigruten Cruises?

Hurtigruten has sailed Norway since 1893, deeply connecting with the local people. It offers true Norwegian experiences. Enjoy local food and learn from guided tours.

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