Top Travel Insurance Companies for 2024

Travel Insurance Companies

by Bianca Esposito
best travel insurance companies

As someone who loves to travel, I know how crucial good travel insurance companies is. It lets you enjoy your trip without worries. Whether it’s a faraway adventure or a local escape, the right insurance is key. It protects both your money and your health. After checking out many options, here are my top picks for 2024.

Faye stands out as the best insurance company for your needs. They offer plans that you can shape to fit you perfectly, all at a great price. If you’re traveling with your family, go for Travelex Insurance. Their Travel Basic plan gives you a lot for your money. For those going on a cruise, consider Nationwide Travel Insurance’s Luxury Cruise plan.

If you want insurance that you can really tweak, Tin Leg is a great choice. And for those who want the best, Berkshire Hathaway has plans designed for luxury travel. Seven Corners is my go-to for those stepping out of the country, with AIG also being a great option for families.

Trawick International is perfect for college students needing coverage. If you might need emergency help, look into Generali Global Assistance. Lastly, Travel Insured International provides solid coverage for a variety of travelers.

Key Takeaways

  • Faye, Travelex Insurance, and Nationwide Travel Insurance are top-notch with their special coverage options.
  • When picking a travel insurance plan, consider your trip’s cost, where you’re going, how long you’ll stay, and your age.
  • Travel insurance covers things like cancelling your trip, losing your luggage, or needing medical care abroad.
  • If you have health issues, your coverage might change. So, always check your policy’s details.
  • While not always a must, travel insurance can be a big help and give you peace of mind.

Best Travel Insurance Companies for 2024

In 2024, I’ve looked at many travel insurance companies. My goal was to help you choose wisely. Here are my top picks:


In 2024, Faye tops the list for me. They provide custom options with comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. Their Travel Protection Plan costs around $298. It includes $250,000/$500,000 in medical and evacuation cover. Right now, Faye doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau rating.

Travelex Insurance

For families, Travelex Insurance is a great choice. Their Travel Basic plan is about $212. It covers $15,000/$100,000 in medical and evacuation. Plus, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Nationwide Travel Insurance

If you’re going on a cruise, consider Nationwide Travel Insurance. Their Luxury Cruise policy costs about $175. It comes with $150,000/$1 million in medical and evacuation. They also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Travel Insurance

When picking travel insurance, think about key things. The cost and worth of your trip impact the insurance price. For a costly getaway, aim for full coverage and help with travel delays.

For a cheaper trip, find insurers with affordable options. Next, think about where you’re going and what’s there. Places with fewer medical choices might need medical evacuation more. So, a policy with good medical evacuation help is important.

How long you’re away matters, too. Longer trips need better coverage against surprises. Look into annual travel insurance or adventure Italy travel plans for big or daring trips.

Are you older or have health issues? Planning to do sports? Then, choose cover with higher medical limits. Many plans cover COVID-19 treatment. But always check the policy’s details before deciding.

travel insurance coverage

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

When picking a travel insurance plan, knowing the various types of coverage is key. It ensures you’re protected for your specific trip. Here, we’ll look at the main types of travel insurance coverage.

Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation coverage refunds you for nonrefundable costs like flights and hotels if your travel gets canceled. This could be due to things like bad weather, a family death, or a serious illness. It’s important to check your policy for what it covers and excludes. Usually, this coverage pays 100% for nonrefundable items if the reason is valid.

Trip Interruption

Trip interruption insurance steps in if you must end your trip early. It helps with costs of unused parts of your trip, like accommodation and tours. For instance, falling and breaking your leg in Peru might be covered. This kind of coverage may also pay for getting back home if needed, like flight change fees or extra hotel nights.

Baggage Delay or Loss

Dealing with a delayed or lost bag is frustrating but baggage delay or loss coverage can alleviate some stress. It pays for essential items lost with your luggage, like clothes and toiletries. It’s good to know that how much you’re paid and the waiting time for a claim can vary among providers.

Medical Expenses

Medical expense coverage helps with the cost of medical treatment if you get hurt or sick during your trip. It’s crucial because your U.S. health insurance might not cover you abroad. So, it provides peace of mind for possible emergencies while traveling.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Regular emergency medical coverage doesn’t always include getting you to a hospital or home in a serious health crisis. But, emergency medical evacuation insurance can handle these costs. This addition can be crucial for serious medical situations while abroad, ensuring you get the necessary care.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance

Understanding pre-existing medical condition coverage in travel insurance is vital. Angela Borden from Seven Corners advises, “Contact the insurance provider. Make sure you know what your plan covers beforehand.” This knowledge can be a big help during emergencies.

Travel insurance plans vary in their coverage for pre-existing conditions. Some might need a waiting period or not cover specific illnesses. Checking the details and talking to your insurance company is key. This ensures you get the affordable travel coverage you need, especially with health concerns.

Your age, where you’re going, and your activities affect coverage too. Older travelers should think about higher medical evacuation insurance limits. Those into adventure travel should consider added travel health insurance for possible health emergencies.

It’s crucial to know the ins and outs of your policy’s pre-existing condition coverage. This way, you can be confident that you’re prepared for any surprises on your trip cancellation insurance protected trip.

When is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel insurance might not be needed for every trip. However, there are times when it’s very useful. Let’s look at some situations where getting travel insurance is a good idea.

Credit Card Travel Insurance

When you pay for your trip with a certain credit card, you might get travel insurance for free. It’s important to read your credit card’s terms to see if it meets your travel protection needs. If it does, you might not need to spend extra on another policy.

Flexible Bookings

If your airline tickets or hotel bookings are changeable, travel insurance might not be necessary. For example, if a hotel lets you change your plans without fees, you’re already covered. The same goes for excursions or tours that offer refunds.

Is Travel Insurance Required?

While most countries don’t make travel insurance a must, some do. These places might need visitors to be covered due to their visa rules or because things are tense. If you’re headed to such spots, make sure your policy covers medical emergencies, at least.

Country Entry Requirements

In many places, you won’t need travel insurance. But certain countries differ, asking for it because of their visa rules or local issues. They’d like to see you’re safe against medical emergencies mainly. Yet, you can add on extra coverage for stuff like lost baggage or trip troubles.

U.S. State Department Recommendations

The U.S. Department of State often advises having travel insurance. Even if it’s not a country’s rule, this advice stands. Being ready for the unexpected, especially when it comes to health, can save your trip from turning into a nightmare.

travel insurance requirements

Top Travel Destinations in 2024

Looking forward to next year, smart travelers are getting ready for their next journey. They’re eyeing the old cities in Europe, the lively scenes in Asia, and the breathtaking views in South America. These places are set to mesmerize you and make memories that last a lifetime.


Europe is always a top pick for those eyeing travel insurance plans and international travel insurance. It’s filled with cultural gems, varied foods, and stunning views. Imagine gliding through Venice’s canals, strolling Prague’s old lanes, or witnessing Paris’s grandeur. A jaunt to Europe ensures you won’t forget its charm.


Asia, a mix of old traditions and modern spectacles, awaits you. Think about the peaceful temples in Japan or the lively markets in Thailand. Here, adventure travel insurance and senior travel insurance clients find an array of cultural and natural sights. Whether you aim for the buzz of Hong Kong or the serenity of Bali, Asia is ready to amaze you.

South America

South America is a lively hub that enchants with its varied terrains, spirited cities, and deep cultural roots. Picture the grand Andes or the lush Amazon. These views call out to trip cancellation insurance and medical evacuation insurance seekers. Trek the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, dance in Rio de Janeiro, or marvel at Iguazu’s waterfalls. South America warmly welcomes every kind of traveler.

Comparing Travel Insurance Costs

Want to get the best deal on travel insurance? Comparing costs from the top companies can point you in the right direction. To help out, we’ve included a table with prices, BBB ratings, and coverage figures for our top picks.

Provider Avg. Policy Cost BBB Rating Medical/Evacuation Limits
Faye $298 Not Rated $250,000/$500,000
Travelex Insurance $212 A+ $15,000/$100,000
Nationwide Travel Insurance $175 A+ $150,000/$1 million
Tin Leg Travel Insurance $259 A+ $100,000/$500,000
Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection $378 A+ $500,000/$1 million
Seven Corners Travel Insurance $315 A+ $100,000/$300,000
AIG Travel Guard $234 A $100,000/$500,000
Trawick International $189 A+ $100,000/$500,000
Generali Global Assistance $269 A- $100,000/$500,000
Travel Insured International $223 A+ $100,000/$500,000

This comparison table lays out a simple view of what each company offers. You get to see prices, BBB scores, and coverage details at a glance. This makes it easier to choose the right plan for your travel needs, whether you’re after trip cancellation insurance or something else.

travel insurance comparison

Tips for Filing Travel Insurance Claims

When it comes to travel insurance, being ready is crucial. Before I go on any trip, I always check my policy in detail. I want to know how to claim if something goes wrong. It’s key to know what documents I’ll need, how soon to report an issue, and what’s not covered.

Keeping detailed records during my travels is a must. I keep all receipts, schedules, and any other papers. This info can help a lot when making a claim later. Also, if something bad happens like my bag being lost, I report it as soon as I can. Having an official report is very important.

When I need to make a claim, I know not to hold back any info. Giving everything they ask for up front speeds things up. I also get to know how to make a claim online before my trip. So, if I need it, I’m ready and not stressed.

Staying on top of things and being organized really helps with insurance claims. Travel insurance offers a big safety net. Knowing the process makes me feel secure as I go out and see the world.


What are the top travel insurance companies for 2024?

For 2024, the best travel insurance companies are listed below. Faye comes first, offering great value. Travelex Insurance is ideal for families, while Nationwide shines for cruise travel. Tin Leg is best for custom coverage. Berkshire Hathaway suits luxury travelers. Seven Corners is perfect for those going abroad. AIG is top for families along with College students going with Trawick. For emergency assistance, Generali Global Assistance is top. Finally, Travel Insured International gives all-around solid coverage.

Why is Faye your top pick for best travel insurance company in 2024?

Faye is top for various reasons. It provides coverage that’s both customized and broad, all at a low price. Their plan includes high medical and evacuation maximums. However, keep in mind they aren’t rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Why is Travelex Insurance your pick for families?

Travelex is my choice for families. Their Travel Basic plan is affordable at 2. It covers medical and evacuation costs well and holds a top A+ rating.

Why is Nationwide Travel Insurance your pick for cruise travel?

Nationwide is ideal for cruise trips. Their Luxury Cruise plan carries great benefits for 5. It has high medical and evacuation coverage and a top A+ BBB rating.

What factors should I consider when choosing travel insurance?

The cost and value of your trip are crucial. High-value trips need comprehensive coverage and trip interruption support. For budget trips, seek affordable, yet valuable, plans. Consider your trip’s details and needed amenities. This will refine what coverage you truly need, especially for medical evacuation.

What types of travel insurance coverage are available?

Trip cancellation and interruption, baggage issues, medical expenses, and medical evacuation are key. Trip cancellation keeps your funds if you must cancel for certain reasons. Interruption coverage helps if your trip is cut short. Baggage coverage aids with delays or losses. It’s also essential to cover medical expenses and emergency evacuations during unforeseen events.

How does pre-existing medical condition coverage work with travel insurance?

Understanding your plan’s stance on pre-existing conditions is critical. Be sure to review policy details to avoid surprises. Many plans do cover pre-existing conditions with specific requirements.

When is travel insurance worth getting?

Travel insurance is essential in some cases. You might not need it with certain credit cards or flexible booking policies. Yet, for places or health concerns, it’s great peace of mind.

Is travel insurance required?

Usually, you won’t need travel insurance. Some places and airlines, however, do mandate it for emergencies. Always check if it’s a smart choice based on where you’re heading.

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