Best Places to Visit in April: Top Destinations

by Bianca Esposito
best places to visit in april

April is a great time to travel. The winter is fading, and the weather is mild. This month offers fewer crowds and good prices. It’s perfect for any kind of trip. In this guide, you’ll find the best destinations for April. We will share tips and benefits to make your travel great.

From the sunny beaches of Crete, Greece1to the colorful streets of Amsterdam1, this guide opens up many options for your April trips. You can enjoy Cyprus’ beautiful waters and green lands. Or you can dive into Dubai’s exciting culture. Get ready to find the best April places and learn how to plan amazing trips.

Key Takeaways

  • Shoulder season destinations offer the perfect balance of mild weather and lower prices before peak summer crowds arrive.
  • Crete, Greece, Amsterdam, and Cyprus provide excellent spring travel options with unique cultural experiences and natural beauty.
  • April is an ideal time to explore destinations with vibrant festivals, blooming flowers, and off-season deals.
  • The guide will cover a diverse range of destinations, from coastal havens and cultural hubs to outdoor adventures and culinary delights.
  • Practical tips and strategies will help you plan budget-friendly, family-friendly, and romantic getaways in April.

This guide is your go-to for a memorable April travel experience. It’s packed with tips. Explore and make lasting memories in some of April’s top spots.

Spring Awakening: Embrace Nature’s Revival

Spring is here, and people everywhere are heading to places that mark this special time. They go to see the cherry trees in Washington, D.C., or the tulips in Istanbul. Some choose to visit Oman for the beautiful rose harvests. Everywhere, nature shows off its brightest colors.2

Cherry Blossom Magic in Washington D.C.

Each spring, Washington, D.C. holds the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It happens when the city’s cherry trees are covered in pink and white flowers.2 The festival lasts from March 20 to April 14. It lets visitors admire the flowers and see famous sites in a new light. The nice weather makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. It’s a great time to explore the city.2

Tulip Time in Istanbul

In April, Istanbul shines with its Tulip Festival, showcasing millions of tulips. These flowers were first cultivated in Türkiye.2 The city celebrates with colorful tulip displays all around. Gülhane Park, Yıldız Park, and Sultanahmet Square are must-sees.2 April brings mild weather to Istanbul. It’s perfect for walking and enjoying the tulips and historical sites.2

Damask Rose Harvesting in Oman

Oman’s damask roses are prized by perfume makers. They’re mainly grown in the Al Hajar mountains. The blooms last until the end of April on many small farms.3 The blooming roses turn the dry mountain into a pink paradise, a sight to see.3 In Oman, you can also visit Wadi Bani Habib and see Diana’s Point, named after Princess Diana. It’s a unique experience in a beautiful country.3

Coastal Havens: Seaside Escapes

Ibiza is famous for its parties from May to October. But if you go in April, everything changes.4 Beaches and villages are peaceful. The weather is perfect for swimming and sightseeing. Northern Ibiza is wild and beautiful. It’s less visited, offering quiet beaches and stunning landscapes. While Ibiza’s party image is big, it’s also a small island. In a week, you can see many quaint beach towns and villages. This gives you a real feel for the island’s unique character.

Oxnard and Ventura: California’s Strawberry Paradises

Oxnard and Ventura are close to Los Angeles, perfect for a spring or summer visit. April marks the start of Oxnard’s strawberry season. It is a major strawberry hub, with fields covering miles. You can pick your own strawberries and enjoy delicious treats like shortcakes, pies, and ice cream. Ventura, just nearby, is home to the California Strawberry Festival on May 18-19. This festival is a big deal and a must-see event. These cities also offer beaches, hikes, and a chance to visit the Channel Islands National Park. They have something for everyone, making for a perfect summer escape.

ibiza off-season

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations

San Antonio’s Fiesta: A Vibrant Tapestry of Texan Culture

Every April, San Antonio lights up for its Fiesta festival, running from the 18th to the 28th.5 This 11-day party marks 200 years since European settlers founded the city, now showcasing a rich Texan culture mix.5 You’ll see parades, rodeos, art shows, and concerts. The Texas Cavaliers River Parade is a highlight, with boats covered in flowers. The Battle of Flowers Parade, pulling in over 500,000 fans, is a must-see.5 In 2024, San Antonio is the prime spot in the U.S. to watch the solar eclipse, offering a great local view for those who can’t make it to Canada’s Maritimes.

Venice’s Feast of St. Mark: Pageantry on the Canals

On April 25, Venice remembers its patron saint, St. Mark, turning it into a city-wide celebration.6 Gondoliers show their skills in a race, steering while carrying passengers, and a regatta graces the canals.6 Folks also honor a local love tale with the exchange of red rosebuds. This tradition is a touching part of the fest.6 The events splash the city with life, giving early visitors a taste of Venetian culture before the summer rush.

Outdoor Adventures and Sports Events

In spring, Mallorca is bustling with outdoor and sports lovers. From April 25 to 28, the Palma International Boat Show shines in Andratx. With 600 boats, it’s a must-see, especially the huge ones at the Superyacht Village.

Mallorca is a hotspot for cyclists. On April 27, the Mallorca 312 race challenges riders to cover 312 kilometers. As cyclists journey, they face difficult climbs and lush views.

The Adirondack Mountains in the U.S. offer a unique outdoor experience.7 It’s a prime spot to see the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse, where the sun disappears for three minutes over the peaks.

Besides the eclipse, the Adirondacks are perfect for late skiing. Head to areas like the Lake Placid Olympic Center.7 You’ll find plenty to do, from skiing to exploring the Olympic Museum’s historic collection.

outdoor activities mallorca

best places to visit in april

Cyprus: An Island of Contrasts

Cyprus shines in the spring with a short-haul trip for European sunshine. It mixes beach weather with vibrant, green interior landscapes.1 Coastal areas boast warm seas for swimming, while the countryside blooms with wildflowers and aromatic herbs. You can also dive into the island’s rugged interior, visit traditional villages, and experience unspoiled mountain scenery with cycling and walking trips. Don’t miss trying local dishes and staying in cozy, family-run places. For a touch of luxury, consider staying at Anassa or the adults-only Amavi in Paphos to explore Cyprus’s natural wonders.

Marrakech: A Moroccan Jewel

Marrakech is perfect in April with its mild spring days before the summer heat kicks in. It’s a great time to dive into the city’s lively culture, see ancient buildings, and smell the fragrant souks. The medina, Koutoubia Mosque, and the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa square give you a deep dive into Moroccan life. April gives you a chance to wander the city’s winding streets comfortably, visit local workshops, and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

cyprus and marrakech

City Breaks: Urban Explorations

Amsterdam’s King’s Day and Tulip Season

Amsterdam is in full swing in April, celebrating King’s Day on April 27.8 The city turns into an orange party, with everyone joining in. At the same time, the Keukenhof gardens are alive with tulips of all colors. It’s a must-see for any visitor. During spring, Amsterdam is filled with hotels that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Many of them offer amazing food experiences. If you’re coming from London, taking the train is a great choice. It drops you off in the heart of the city, avoiding airport hassles.

London’s Marathon and Afternoon Tea Delights

April is a perfect time to visit London, before the big summer crowds. The city is buzzing with the London Marathon on April 21. Runners pass by famous places like Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. When the marathon is over, treat yourself to a classic English afternoon tea. Places like Fortnum & Mason or Brown’s offer a unique experience. For a modern touch, London’s hotels have hip cocktail bars with innovative drinks.

Winelands and Culinary Delights

Napa Valley in April is perfect for a visit. There are smaller crowds then and you can see California poppies in bloom. You may also catch the end of wild mustard season that shows off bright yellow flowers.9 This time is great for visiting tasting rooms. You can even join the Merlot Mastery program at Sullivan Rutherford Estate. Plus, Silverado Resort has fun things like Pickleball Camp and tennis. They also offer golf for a sporty trip.

For beautiful sights, you can ride the Napa Valley Wine Train or drive through the grapevines and flower fields. Meadowood Napa Valley and Poetry Inn are top spots for staying. They offer a luxurious way to enjoy napa valley wine tasting, napa valley food and wine, and california wine country travel.

napa valley spring

Desert Oasis: Dubai’s Glittering Charm

Dubai shines as a paradise for those who love the sun. April is special because it’s not too hot.10

Visitors can spend their days relaxing at beach clubs. They can also check out the city’s sparkling marina and fancy restaurants as the sun sets.10

Dubai always tries to top its luxury game. This means there are always new stunning places to see.10

For those who care about the planet, Boca is a hit. It won a Green Michelin Star for its eco-friendly ways.10

Just opened is the amazing Atlantis The Royal. It has a dazzling light show, a Beyoncé concert, and great food.10

dubai attractions

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Island Paradises: Tropical Escapes

Kauai’s Lush Rainforests and Beaches

Kauai is known as the “Garden Island” of Hawaii. It’s perfect for a tropical trip in April, part of the island’s shoulder season.12 April means more rain, but you’ll see beautiful waterfalls and rainforests full of color. It’s the tail end of seeing whales too.12 Besides, you can relax on Kauai’s shores or have fun tubing down canals from mountains.

Luxury lovers can stay at the new 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay. For families, Kukuiʻula offers a great stay for exploring the island.

Perth and Western Australia’s Coastal Allure

Western Australia is rich in variety. It has Perth’s modern charm, Fremantle’s history, and Rottnest Island’s unique beauty.13 In April, Perth’s warm weather keeps drawing visitors to its Indian Ocean beaches. It’s a chance to enjoy the city’s vibe and see beautiful sunsets.12 Rottnest Island is a quick ferry away and offers beaches, trails, and cute quokkas.13 A bit further, the Margaret River area has famous wineries and top luxury stays. You can fly there by seaplane to get a special view or enjoy a Seabo tour.


What are the best places to visit in April?

In April, great travel spots are Crete, Greece; Amsterdam; Cyprus; and Washington, D.C. Other good picks are Istanbul; Oman; Ibiza; and Oxnard and Ventura, California. Also, San Antonio, Texas is a must-see.

Why is April a great time to visit Crete, Greece?

April in Crete means nice spring weather. You’ll find quiet beaches and can enjoy Cretan traditions. This includes mountain trips and tasting rakia for free.

What can visitors expect in Amsterdam during April?

April is a vibrant time in Amsterdam. Activities like King’s Day and the beautiful Keukenhof tulip fields draw many. You can also discover unique places to stay and eat.

What makes Cyprus an excellent spring destination?

Cyprus is close and sunny in April. The weather is perfect for a swim. The island also gets covered in wildflowers and green landscapes.

What is the highlight of visiting Washington, D.C. in April?

April in Washington, D.C., means the Cherry Blossom Festival. The city’s cherry trees turn the area into a wonderland of pink and white by the National Mall and Tidal Basin.

Why is Istanbul a must-visit in April?

Istanbul holds the Lale Festivali in April. This event stars millions of colorful tulips all over the city. It’s a sight to behold in parks, streets, and gardens.

What makes Oman special in the spring?

Oman blooms with damask roses in spring. The Al Hajar Mountains’ dry land becomes a sea of pink. It’s a unique natural event to see.

Why is Ibiza a great choice for an April vacation?

Early April is perfect for Ibiza visits. It’s just before the big clubs open. This is the time to enjoy quiet beaches and the island’s true character.

What makes Oxnard and Ventura, California ideal spring and summer escapes?

These coastal towns excel in strawberry farming. April is when the berries are at their best. The Strawberry Festival in Ventura is a fun way to celebrate this.

What can visitors expect at San Antonio’s Fiesta festival in April?

San Antonio’s Fiesta is an 11-day party in April. It honors the town’s 200-year-old European roots. There are parades, rodeos, art displays, and live music to enjoy.

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