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ExciteWell, your expert guide to Italy’s historical palaces and timeless destinations. We're here to help you discover Italy's incredible architecture, rich culture, and fascinating history.

At ExciteWell, we share our passion for Italy by uncovering its most remarkable and unique destinations. Whether you're a curious traveler exploring for the first time or a seasoned adventurer, we'll guide you through Italy’s grand palaces, offering a journey beyond the tourist trails and into the country’s captivating heritage.

Italy is so much more than the canals of Venice or the art of Florence. It's the opulence of Palazzo Ducale, the historical elegance of Medici villas, and the Renaissance beauty of Palazzo Pitti. Beyond these familiar sites, countless hidden gems remain unexplored. We take pride in revealing these treasures where ancient tales meet modern exploration.

Alessio Conti
Alessio Conti

Every recommendation and story on ExciteWell is backed by our own experiences and careful research. We've explored local festivals, relished Italian culinary delights, and absorbed stories from locals.

Our mission at ExciteWell is to offer you an authentic glimpse into Italy, where history, culture, and architecture blend harmoniously. Italy’s spirit thrives in its palaces, its people, folklore, cuisine, and the rich tapestry of experiences that each region holds.

Join us on this journey through Italy’s diverse historical landscapes and timeless traditions. Buon viaggio! We're always here to answer any questions.

Alessio Conti

Alessio Conti holds an MBA in International Business from Bocconi University, Milan, and a BA in Art History from the University of Florence.

His passion for historical and cultural tourism led him to become a respected expert in the travel industry. With years of experience as the Director of European Travel Operations at a leading travel agency, he expanded the company’s reach across Europe, setting new standards for curated travel programs.

Alessio also served as a tourism consultant, offering insights to improve travel services and elevate customer satisfaction for various tourism companies. His expertise in travel writing has been showcased in prominent publications like Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic Traveler.

As CEO and Head Editor, Alessio provides strategic leadership and guides the editorial team to maintain high standards of quality and authenticity.

Personal Interests:

  • Passionate about exploring Italy’s rich cultural and historical heritage, particularly historical palaces.
  • Enjoys engaging with travelers through writing and social media, advocating for sustainable travel practices and enriching cultural exchanges.

Mission Statement: Alessio Conti is committed to providing travelers with immersive and authentic Italian experiences, ensuring that every journey transcends the ordinary and becomes a transformative adventure.”

Bianca Esposito

Bianca Esposito holds MS in Finance and Economics from LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome; MA in Journalism from the University of Milan.

Professional Experience:


    • CFO of Travel Enterprises: Previously served as CFO of a global travel consultancy, where she led successful budgeting strategies that boosted profitability.
    • Senior Editor: Former Senior Editor for Viaggi Magazine, curating content focused on luxurious Italian travel experiences. Developed editorial standards that emphasized deep research and historical accuracy.
    • Content Strategist: Created content frameworks for travel companies, ensuring the highest standards of authenticity, financial transparency, and user engagement.

Personal Interests:


  • Passionate about exploring Italy’s cultural and historical landmarks, with a particular focus on palaces and architectural heritage.
  • A strong advocate for financial literacy in the travel industry, regularly contributing to finance-related travel columns.

Mission Statement: Bianca Esposito strives to blend financial insight with cultural awareness, delivering travel content that is both practical and  enriching for adventurers exploring Italy.”

Leonardo Rinaldi

Leonardo Rinaldi holds BA in Communications and Journalism from Sapienza University of Rome; Certification in Content Strategy from the European Institute of Digital Marketing.


Professional Experience:


    • Content Manager: Previously managed content teams for a global travel review website, overseeing a 50% increase in user engagement and optimizing review formats for readability.
    • Expert Reviews Specialist: Authored expert reviews focusing on historical landmarks and cultural experiences, with features in prominent travel publications like Lonely Planet and Travel + Leisure.
    • Content Strategist: Developed review frameworks that emphasize detail, authenticity, and balanced perspectives, helping travelers make well-informed decisions.

Personal Interests:


  • Passionate about discovering hidden gems in Italy’s travel scene, particularly in historical sites and cultural festivals.
  • Enjoys teaching content creation strategies to budding travel bloggers and sharing best practices for quality reviews.


Mission Statement: Leonardo Rinaldi is committed to elevating the travel experience through expert reviews and insightful content, ensuring that each reader feels informed and inspired to embark on their own journey.

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